Since 2005, Havenbrook Media has been a leader in design and storytelling. Creativity gives brands the boost they need to compete in a marketplace, so whether you’re trying to revive an old brand, start a new business, incubate ideas or find a team of experienced leaders to co-pilot you brand internationally or locally, it all starts with a conversation.


Our Mission

To tell your story, in thoughtful and engaging ways.

Havenbrook Media has worked closely with Aviagen Turkeys the past few years, helping us tell our story across the U.S. and around the world
— Sandi Hoffman, Marketing and Administration Director, Aviagen Turkeys

Some of our Work

  • Over 10 years of publishing the Greenbrier Valley Quarterly magazine
  • Real estate guides and video production.
  • Video and Film production, including feature documentaries and :30 spots
  • Dynamic websites that clients can "own" when everything is finished
  • International ad campaigns for large agri-business
  • Logo and brand development
  • Regional PR for clients trying to reach a broader audience
  • Non-Profit campaigns for United Way, Carnegie Hall, and Lewisburg Literary Festival